CMRRA president Paul Shaver (photo: Dustin Rabin)
CMRRA president Paul Shaver (photo: Dustin Rabin)

CMRRA Delivers $18.6M In Royalties In Q3

The Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency (CMRRA) has reported boffo gross distribution numbers to its Canadian music publisher and self-published songwriter clients for the Q3 period ending in September.

The $18.6M in mechanical royalties collected from Canada - the majority of which is collected from domestic streaming platforms - represents a year-to-year Q3 increase of 45 percent and a 36 percent increase from Q2 2021.

It's worth noting that these totals do not include any international collections, which were launched in March 2021 and whose results are expected to be distributed during Q4.

CMRRA President Paul Shaver says the results are impressive especially when you take everything into consideration.

“Canada did come a bit late to the launch of digital and to see this ongoing growth is nothing short of incredible for all stakeholders in the music ecosystem," said Shaver in an e-mail. "The CMRRA team continues to work hard and remains focused on technology improvements to ensure we’re ahead of the constant growth of data that we’re receiving from the partners we license. We’re committed to remaining ahead of this growth so we can continue to effectively process and distribute to our clients on time.

"These numbers are proof that it’s a success.”

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