Image couresy of Lars Leetaru, The Wall Street Journal
Image couresy of Lars Leetaru, The Wall Street Journal

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah: We're Back Jan. 3 & It's Gonna Be A Good Year

A little more than a half-century ago the world was in the grip of fear brought on by the threat of a nuclear war between Russia and the U.S.

It was an explosive era that ignited a watershed of political activism promoted by an exceptionally effective social media platform.

It was called ‘the song’ and it was broadcast from stages and radio stations to the world.

The war didn’t end, but the fear of an immediate end for us all did.

That was October 1962.

We’ve lumbered through a remarkable number of calamities and catastrophes since then and too many of our own making. And now it appears that the road ahead is going to force us to make hard choices that have been forced on us by the increasingly obvious criminality of rampant capitalism, and the sheer stupidity of a democratic voting system that has unwisely served us with madhouses of elected fools, idiots and criminals who too many times become notable for having made bad decisions, slimy deals and/or ignoring simple common sense.

We’ve been punting the ball for a long time. The inequalities rampant south of our border have been building like a Vesuvian earthquake and we all know it’s gonna blow bad. It’s just when, and a matter of how bad.

At home our politicians go round like dumb clucks, ringing themselves in circles and dishing out edicts that are meant to make us stay safe but, the idiocy of their decisions mount up like manure in a sty and make matters sadly worse. It's as if they are trying to complete a jigsaw using two halves of separate puzzles. We feel sad for them, but then maybe we know that the best we can hope for is that the dreaded China Crisis fizzles out, goes away, gives us a break–and we can all get back to working and paying a tax debt that has accumulated faster than a bat out of hell.

The live industry has had its teeth kicked in. Managers and agents have found themselves trying to make the best of a worsening crisis, our acts spinning helplessly without any real incomes–and the only salvation so many have been able to find is a series of government cheques that never quite add up to a sense of pride of achievement.

Yeah, I’m not mincing words here. 2021 was annus horribIis and the year before it was just as tragic. But we’ve gotta move on, and we gotta believe that this bat-crazy bug’s just gonna run its course and get itself out of Dodge. The alternative is we’re gonna be living in a time when we are getting regular vaccinations just in case and to make us all safe.

Yeah, it has the sniff of a Big Pharma conspiracy, but bug it because we gotta move on, get on with our lives, and rediscover the joys of living and clicking our heels to the beat of the sounds of the music that’s seductively drifting out from the doors of some juke joints in somewheresville that we've never been before.

2020 was an introductory class to living in hell. This past year we gotta see as our graduating class and move on. No more U-turns or sideways walks or short-term drifts to get us nowhere but back in the barn with the bucking bronco. It’s obvious most politicians need to be gagged and tethered, the epidemiologists either fix the problem or admit the problem is a moving target and they need to quit flapping their lips and get back in their labs to create a vaccine that’s gonna be better than the next worst thing.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get up in the morning and be entertained by a newscast, instead of shrivelling with horror in learning about more idiotic acts of larceny, lunacy and political ineptitude?

Yeah, we gotta make 2022 a year to celebrate. A year when we somehow take over the bridge and push the ship of fools out of the way and navigate north to a promised land, a land where hope, laughter and live music comingle without a sniff of a problem or a hint of corruption.

Hang in my friends and hang on tight cause we’re gonna make 2022 the year to celebrate like we’ve not done for too many lost years behind us.

Oh, and lest you think me harsh on politicians, it was elected officials in Canada, the US and the UK who told us to stockpile fresh water and canned Spam and take cover someplace safe like a basement or a closet if there was an imminent threat of a nuclear explosion. Never trust a politician is what I say, and stay the hell away from stale-dated Spam!

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