A Podcast Conversation .. With David Binks

With two books on Massey Hall in play, I thought it imperative to speak with the guiding light and editor David Binks the heart and soul behind That Night at Massey Hall, a superb 240-page volume of concert photos, essays and remembrances of those who once filled the seats.

Binks arrived in Canada from Sheffield, England in 2000 and first attended a concert headlined by Paul Weller. Binks has this to say about the contents of the book: " Marvelous Blend of Diverse Stories Painted on a Canvas of Overwhelming Affection for what Massey Hall Means to People."

It includes more than 1,500 individual story, photo, and memorabilia contributions, and features over 500+ artists — including Rush, Lightfoot, Dylan, Pavarotti, Aretha, Neil Young, Springsteen, Miles Davis, Van Morrison, U2, and The Tragically Hip.

That Night at Massey Hall is where we begin on this FYI Music News podcast.

“In original words and stunning photography, That Night At Massey Hall captures famous, favourite and unique “Nights” at The Grand Old Lady of Shuter Street as told by the artists, audience members and employees who were there on those special evenings.

Featuring diverse artists from Lightfoot to Segovia, from Neil Young to Iron Maiden, Miles Davis and Harry Styles, Dylan and Pavarotti, Belushi and Joni. As well as the first visit, first smoke and first date tales that are less often told. This limited edition, hardcover collector’s piece is packed with more than 300 stories across a century of history, illustrated in full colour.

Foreword by Rob Bowman, the Grammy Award-Winning musicologist.

From 1927 to the present, this book is packed with images and stories that recall nights at Massey Hall, from the greats of Canadian music to iconic jazz, early punk, guitar heroes, classical virtuosos, thrash metal, short-lived wonders, on and off-stage disasters and perfect harmonies.

Artists, fans and employees recall nerve-wracked debuts, famous opening acts being booed off the stage, winter treks into (and out of) Toronto, lost loves, tears of happiness and life-changing inspiration.” 

Locally designed, this 240-page hardcover piece, weighing just under 2kg, presents a stunning journey through the diversity that has been a constant appeal of Massey Hall. Each copy is printed in Canada, individually shrink-wrapped and presented in custom cut E-flute packaging."

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