SOCAN Settles With CBC For $1.5M

SOCAN reports a $1.5M reproduction rights settlement with the CBC.

The deal follows the 2020 decision by the Copyright Board for $1.5-million for "post-synchronization copies" made on all digital and broadcast platforms.

A post-synchronization copy occurs when a broadcaster uploads original video content containing copyright music to a digital content management system to make copies for internal use.

For example, a video containing music is first received by a broadcaster as the original file. It is then copied as part of their broadcasting operations, to facilitate viewing on different digital or broadcast platforms, or for use in different regions.  The rightsholders are legally entitled to fair remuneration for any of these copies made by the broadcasters.

SOCAN is currently the only music rights organization in Canada licensing and distributing royalties on post-synchronization copies. The CBC agreement provides incremental value to reproduction rights holders as the PRO continues negotiations with other Canadian broadcasters that require the license.

The CBC agreement covers 2012-18 and extends to 2022. It follows a 2020 decision by the Copyright Board of Canada that awarded SOCAN clients $1,500,000 covering 2008-12.

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