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2022 Prism Prize Eligible Video: Luna Li - Silver Into Rain (Feat. beabadoobee)

The 2021 Prism Prize for Best Canadian Music Video was awarded to Theo Kapodistrias, for his clip for Haviah Mighty’s Thirteen. We will continue to profile noteworthy Canadian videos that are eligible for the 2022 prize, including this one from a fast-rising Toronto indie rocker.

Luna Li - Silver Into Rain (Feat. beabadoobee)

Luna Li is an up-and-coming Torontonian rock musician who broke onto the local scene in Toronto and Montreal in 2017 with her dreamlike rock melodies. Trained in her youth as a pianist and violinist, those instruments feature primarily in much of her work. Recently in 2021, her Jamz EP, a collection of short songs and musical motifs, attained brief virality on TikTok, pushing her closer to becoming a household name and one of Toronto’s most talented musicians. 

Silver Into Rain is nothing out of the ordinary for Li. Wistful verses break into a grungy guitar-led chorus and give the sense that one has been transported to some kind of dark fairytale. Li’s voice is subtle, almost to the point of a whisper at times and at least for the first few listens, deciphering lyrics may be a bit much to ask. Rain and water are constant and lead to some absolutely beautiful frames, whether it’s water-like teardrop makeup or a tableau of Luna with an umbrella surrounded by floating neon red bubbles. The music may not be anything special for what we’ve come to expect from Li, and the feature doesn’t add much of anything, but the visuals are an absolute treat.

Director - angelicamílash / Maya Balkaran

Talent - Luna Li, beabadoobee, Isabella Aspiotis

Producer - Maya Balkaran

Production Manager - Amber Lynch

DP - Vika Svisheva

Offsite DP - Tommy Davis 

Editor / VFX - Noah Weisfogel

Additional VFX - Rene Gibson

Titles/Animation - Maya Balkaran

Colorist - Kevin Wu

AD - Isabella Aspiotis

Gaffer - David Grif

Key Grip - Alex Mallon

1st AC - Austin Macdonald

Production Designer - Electa Porado

Stylist - Bulia Puteeva

Hair - Maria Hartiz

MUA - Kathy Nguyen

BTS Photographer / Film Shots - Halle Hirota

BTS - Gennelle Cruz

PA - Masha Mykhailova, Carolyn Dadd, Chayanne Khandan 

Management - Dexter Brown / Inside Pocket Music 

Special thanks - In Real Life Music, AWAL, 88rising, Dirty Hit Records, Kathryn Bowen, Imran Ahmed, Ollie Zhang, FACTOR, 2d House & Ontario Camera

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