Photo: Thomas Neukum
Photo: Thomas Neukum

Daphni: Cherry

Daphni - Cherry (Jiaolong): Internationally-feted electronica artist Dan Snaith is a man of many monikers. The Hamilton-raised auteur has operated in Manitoba, Caribou, and Daphni, with his Caribou project receiving the most attention.

He reportedly reserves Daphni for his more dance club-oriented material, and 2019's Sizzling EP showcased that side well. The new single Cherry, his first single as Daphni since then, is a 6-minute slab of repetitive electronic minimalism that brings Philip Glass to mind. The number shifts shape ever so slightly, with the repetition inducing a trance-like effect. The track doesn't have the grab-you-at-first-listen impact of his killer single Sizzling but is likely to find a happy home on international club dancefloors.

Speaking of the track in a label press release, Snaith says: "Nothing says love like an endlessly spiralling polyrhythm on an FM synth. Making this track was just a matter of getting the snake to eat its own tail." Cherry is accompanied by A1 meets psychedelic visuals by Damien Roach aka @555x5555.

As Caribou, Snaith was nominated for Best Dance/Electronic Recording category at the 2022 Grammy Awards, for his album Suddenly. He is about to perform at five European and English festivals. Dates here





Publicity: Paul Brooks, Take Aim Media

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