John Derringer via YouTube
John Derringer via YouTube

Derringer May Have Skirted A Corus of Complaints

Corus Radio’s executive and management teams are under public scrutiny after Q107 morning man John Derringer was called out by four former female colleagues for an alleged pattern of abusive verbal behaviour–all of whom are now saying that their earlier complaints went unheeded by management and the company’s HR department.

Derringer was taken off the air Tuesday after the scandal started to unravel on social and mainstream media, pushing management to appoint an external investigator charged with issuing an independent report about the allegations against the broadcaster and its million-plus dollar morning show host.

What follows is a timeline of events that pushed Corus to act.

– Saturday, May 21, at 8:52 a.m.: Former Derringer In the Morning co-host Jennifer Valentyne (2017-2019) posted an almost 13-minute video on Facebook titled “It’s never too late to do the right thing.” In it, she notably refrains from naming names but goes on record as saying she has filed a gender discrimination complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission after living with a pattern of events that eventually led her to leave commercial broadcasting and set up Valentyne Productions, where she creates, develops and produces digital content and hosts a YouTube channel with daughter Georgia.

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