2022 Prism Prize Eligible Video: Mustafa - The Hearse

The 2021 Prism Prize for Best Canadian Music Video was awarded to Theo Kapodistrias, for his clip for Haviah Mighty’s Thirteen. We will continue to profile noteworthy Canadian videos that are eligible for the 2022 prize, including this one from an acclaimed Toronto-based artist and poet. 

Mustafa - The Hearse

Toronto-born Mustafa, also known as Mustafa the Poet is a multidisciplinary artist who has burst onto the music scene both locally and internationally. His ascent in Canada has most recently been recognized by his two Juno award nominations, for Best Songwriter and Best Alternative Album. He is not just a singer, however, but also a filmmaker, poet. and songwriter, all titles that can be applied to The Hearse.

Mustafa co-directed the video for The Hearse and knowing this makes the song all the more personal and emotional. The video is simple and short but the point is to showcase those around Mustafa and his community. On the surface, it may seem like it’s just Mustafa hanging out with his friends but it builds a sense of camaraderie. This camaraderie then feels threatened due to the themes of loss, love and violence in the song's lyrics. 

These are Mustafa’s loved ones and his family, and he doesn’t want to see any of them taken away before their time. The Hearse is a testament to the efficacy of simplicity in creating a feeling in the viewer, and the emotion in Mustafa’s voice is the perfect companion for a video like this one. 



Directed by Mustafa & King Bee

Edited by Nick Yumal

Colour by Clinton Homuth

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