Alessia Cara
Alessia Cara

A Podcast Conversation With ... Janice Thomson of Niagara Falls Tourism

Nights in Niagara Falls. We are back!

We are experiencing a resurgence of sorts across the country. So much has to do with the return of live music and the capability to control our destinations, whether that’s a favourite watering hole or a concert a few towns over.

I’m spending Toronto weekends down on the Waterfront, and that bike ride there and back is telling. Every venue with an outdoors component is crowded with people. Toronto fully adopted that patio experience, and it is paying off. The city looks like Paris north. I consciously travel along Ossington Avenue at night to absorb the robust assimilation of nightlife, the experience, and the thousands of young folks who have claimed this stretch of the city as their own.

The other day, I had a music booker remark that he’s never seen so many places sprout up with live music of every category. Fortunately, it is that willing partnership between all levels of government and the tourism sector that gets us back in control. This is where I begin today with the CEO and President of Niagara Falls Tourism, Janice Thomson.

Niagara Falls Tourism is celebrating two top prestigious international awards for its one-of-a-kind collaboration with Grammy award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter Alessia Cara to produce ‘Alessia Cara Live from Niagara Falls. The ground-breaking marketing campaign is the first of its kind for destination marketing organizations, successfully bringing together Ontario’s tourism, live music and film sectors to promote Niagara Falls, Canada.

The Drum Awards For Marketing in London, UK – The Absolute Best Campaigns and Talent from 2022

Niagara Falls Tourism achieved top honours in the Music and Entertainment Category at The Drum Awards for Marketing earning the distinction over top international nominees in this category including Ed Sheeran, The Spice Girls, Kanye West and HBO. The Alessia Cara Live from Niagara Falls virtual concert was declared one of The Absolute Best Campaigns and Talent from 2022. The Drum Awards is a global awards program which recognizes best practices, the best companies and the best people from across the marketing and communications industry.

New York Festivals TV & Film Awards – Gold

Niagara Falls Tourism was also recently awarded Gold at the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards for the innovative collaboration. The Alessia Cara Live from Niagara Falls virtual concert and Niagara Falls showpiece proudly took home Gold in the Branded Documentary category. This award places the Niagara Falls tourism industry on a world stage where nominations across multiple categories included Disney, The Emmy Awards, BBC, ESPN, Apple TV, Netflix and branded work from tourism destinations such as Iceland, Greece, Portugal, UK, Austria and more.

“We are extremely grateful to Ontario’s Ministry of Tourism and local tourism stakeholders for the financial support that made this project possible,” said Joel Noden, Chair of Niagara Falls Tourism. “This award-winning project brought together Ontario-based film, tourism and performing arts sectors under the umbrella of Ontario’s Ministry of Tourism to create a win-win-win synergy that has proven to be a major success uplifting the destination with new and existing demographics while reaching millions of eager travellers.”

Niagara Falls Tourism President and CEO Janice Thomson said, “We are thrilled to be recognized internationally for Niagara Falls Tourism’s leadership in innovating groundbreaking marketing collaborations. Featuring Niagara Falls as the backdrop to launch fresh music serves as a reminder that Niagara Falls is the Entertainment Capital of Canada. Partnering with outstanding talent on this production, Ontario-born artist Alessia Cara has extended our reach far beyond the industry’s highest benchmark for destination marketing."

Further, President of the Tourism Partnership of Niagara, Anthony Annunziata added, “This partnership was about supporting Niagara Falls Tourism as they work to position Niagara Falls as a key player in Canada in showcasing live entertainment.”

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