John Parikhal & Warren Cosford Remember the Yonge St. Days

Warren Cosford recently wrote a column in his e-letter about the glory days of rock radio in Toronto, inspired by an article authored by John Parikhal published in FYI. Cosford's editorial is reprinted with permission, with Parikhal's response to it in the lower part of this lengthy written exchange.

In 1977 I thought of Radio as an Art.  John Parikhal saw it as a Science.  

With Research leading the way, it was about to become Both.

CHUM had just finished producing The Evolution of Rock (the music that made the world turn round). 

It was 64 hours and would be broadcast throughout much of the English-Speaking World.  

It was also one hell of a challenge.  

But, as Canadians, we were proud to take what America had, essentially, invented……

And take it all to The Next Level.

NOW what do we do?

— Continued in Media Beat

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