A Podcast Conversation With.. MPC's Margaret McGuffin

Women in the Studio National Accelerator 2022

Music Publishers Canada’s Women in the Studio National Accelerator 2022 advances the career development of talented producer-songwriters from across Canada. Music Publishers Canada recently announced six women, gender fluid, non-binary and gender non-conforming producer-songwriter Accelerator participants from across Canada.

First launched regionally in 2019 and expanded nationally in 2020, the Accelerator is designed to provide the cohort with opportunities for skills development and networking that they may otherwise be unable to access. Participants will gain valuable insights from mentors and industry experts for the duration of the program, including comprehensive development and networking opportunities in Toronto this September.

According to a 2021 USC Annenberg study, across a six-year sample of the Billboard Hot 100 songs between 2012-2020, there were less than 3% female producers, and “this is a ratio of 38 men to every 1 woman producer.” We see similar trends in the Canadian industry, and Music Publishers Canada is committed to lessening the imbalance for this cohort in the music industry.

I spoke with Chief Executive Officer Margaret McGuffin about the work the organisation is doing.

The 2022 Women the Studio Accelerator Participants are:

•          99Makaveli (Makenna Edissi) – Kitchener, ON

•          Angelixa (Stella Lux) – Toronto, ON

•          Erin Costelo – Halifax, NS

•          Grace Chiang – Vancouver, BC

•          laaain (La-Nai Gabriel) – Victoria, BC

•          Ocevnside Clvb (Anastasia Petrova) – Toronto, ON

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