Photo: Johanna Berghorn
Photo: Johanna Berghorn

Alexandra Stréliski: The hills

Alexandra Stréliski - The hills (Secret City): It has been four years since Quebec pianist/composer Alexandra Stréliski began writing a phenomenal success story with her album INSCAPE. It has sold 140,000 albums in Canada (well over platinum status), and led to Streliski winning five Félix and a Juno award (Instrumental Album of the Year). It won Album of the Year at the Independent Music Awards, was nominated on the 2019 Polaris Music Prize Long List, and has helped account for most of her 300 million worldwide streams.

A new full-length is coming next year, preceded by this new composition and video. In a label press release, Stréliski describes the new track this way: “The hills is a song about the hazards of the human condition. It tackles our need to evolve, emancipate ourselves, and feel at peace with the world, contradictory as it may be. I wrote it in one sitting following the passing of a loved one. As if I was trying to come to terms with the depth of this loss while remembering the beauty of the life that preceded it.”

The composition is sparse and tranquil, while Streliski's playing is melodic and meditative. The mood of the piece is neatly complemented by a video clip portraying a diverse slice of humanity in a poignant and empathetic fashion.

Prior to the breakthrough success of INSCAPE (it made the classical charts in 20 countrires), Streliski made a mark in Quebec with her debut release, Pianoscope. It is now certified gold in Canada, and its songs have been heard in Dallas Buyers Club, Demolition, and during the Oscars ceremony in 2014.

Billboard called Stréliski one of the foremost new stars in modern classical, and we definitely concur.






Management: Worldwide – Emmanuelle Girard

Label & Press:  Worldwide – Secret City Records

Booking: Canada: Julien Paquin
Quebec: Catherine Simard

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