Gil Moore, Metalworks Studios
Gil Moore, Metalworks Studios

A Podcast Conversation With ... Gil Moore of Metalworks Institute

Any conversation with entrepreneur Gil Moore is all about possibilities. Small talk? Out of the question. The big picture? The long view.

Gil and I have ridden the technology wave. That first tape recorder. Stereo, 4-track, eight-track, 16, 24, 32... then digital. Each progression is a brick in a long road to finding the truest replication of sound.

I imagine his band Triumph was Act 1. The touring, recordings, accolades and adventure. Yet, from the downbeat in 1977, there was something other in play. A facility to do the work and that of others without conditions or compromise. Act 2, Metalworks Studios.

Today’s FYI Music News conversation is an inside look at Act 3, Metalworks Institute. The business of music. The long game, the faraway horizon.

More on Metalworks Institute.

The Metalworks Institute campus, situated just outside of Toronto, is the educational creation and natural extension of the renowned Metalworks Studios, home to some of the world’s most successful artists and music producers.

Our Diploma Programs are designed for those who wish to understand the complexities of the entertainment industry and build a successful career on a solid base of knowledge. Students are prepared for leadership roles and are taught about lifelong learning through innovative instruction techniques and exceptional learning resources.

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