June 19, 2015
by John Crossingham

Earl Rosen from Marquis Classics offers further reminiscing about the history of FACTOR, while Andrew Forsyth offers two cents on the Voltair radio controversy.

June 17, 2015
by Anonymous (not verified)

Tom Williams rolls back the years and explains the genesis of FACTOR, John Parikhal wonders about the accuracy of technology used to measure audience rankings and Michelle Summers Henderson sends a note of gratitude for all who remembered "Bubba."

June 14, 2015
by Bill King

Richard Margison, Valerie Kuinka and Lauren Margison: A family with big music history and even greater talent.

André Ménard
June 12, 2015
by Bill King

Co-founder of Montreal's internationally renowned jazz festival shares some stories about the musicians that have performed over the years.

Pat Taylor, David Clayton-Thomas
June 11, 2015
by Bill King

Pat Taylor is the face of the Toronto Jazz Festival. He has been running the show for 30 years and he tells some funny stories.

Kim Stockwood and CIUT's Ken Stower
June 1, 2015
by Bill King

Bill King catches up with St. John's Kim Stockwood famously known for her hit song, "Jerk", and one of the East Coast Music Awards' most nominated artists. Once part of the radio morning show team on EZ Rock Toronto, she discusses life, her passions, and music.

May 25, 2015
by Bill King

Canadian guitarist, composer and producer Jesse (Arnaud) Cook is widely considered one of the most influential figures in the “nuevo flamenco” music world today.

JP Guilbert, Gary Slaight
May 25, 2015
by David Farrell

J.P. Guilbert, a storied record promoter who was with A&M Records and famously chained himself to the lobby of Q-107 during Gary’s Slaight's reign as GM at the FM, was in town recently from St. Maarten where he now lives. Gary threw a party and the gang reconnected.

Gordon Burnett
May 21, 2015
by David Farrell

David Farrell looks at unsung CHOW legend Gordon Burnett and examines the way in which we sometimes pass over the memories of those most worth remembering.

Ted Woloshyn and Dave Marsden
May 19, 2015
by Bill King

Bill King snags a conversation with Roger King, the man behind the DJ documentary, I Am What I Play.

American Idol cast
May 19, 2015
by Bill King

Bill King writes from the heart about Simon Cowell's multi-million dollar reality show that made much ado about not much at all and now finds itself in the final stages of coming to an inglorious end.

Kiesza at the CRMAs
May 11, 2015
by Bill King

Award shows — such as the Canadian Radio Music Awards (CRMAs) — play an important role in showing respect to the artists and team of people behind them. Getting one’s name out front to an audience in a crowded market is near impossible these days, so why not pause and reach out?