Track of the Day

Track of the Day

January 22, 2018
by Kerry Doole

The highly-touted jazz/pop chanteuse steps up with an exuberant R&B-inflected tune guaranteed to get the toes a-tappin'. It is the new single from an eponymous album heading our way on Friday.


Photo: Mark Warfield
January 19, 2018
by Kerry Doole

The distinctive rhyming flow of an American rap pioneer perfectly suits this new cut from a veteran Canadian crew. The results caress the ear and reaffirm the pleasures of conscious hip-hop.

January 17, 2018
by Kerry Doole

The East Coast songsmith delivers a genuinely moving country ballad that celebrates the virtues of fidelity. Could this become a fave future wedding song? A cover by two stars from Nashville, the TV series, has already given it valuable exposure.

January 14, 2018
by Kerry Doole

Philosopher Kings and Prozzak member Bryan has just released a second solo album, By Your Side. The featured vocals of Divine Brown help make this cut a gently soulful charmer to ward off the winter blues.

Photo: Matt Barnes
January 12, 2018
by Kerry Doole

The Toronto ensemble headlines a series of hometown shows following the release of a new album and teasing both is a fine new single that will tickle the fancy of alt and mainstream fans.

January 9, 2018
by Kerry Doole

The bad-boy biker country trio that often displays a rain barrel-sized sense of humour showcases its sensitive side on this rare ballad penned by US band Dawes and Canadianized for the homeland fans. Clayton Bellamy's vocal carries the song, but allied harmonies and searing riffs certify this as a bonafide winner.

January 8, 2018
by Kerry Doole

This post-punk combo from Saskatoon recently announced signing to Calgary-based label Flemish Eye. This dark yet bracing debut single features crunching guitars, jackhammer percussion, and the icy vocals of lyricist Samantha Renner.

January 5, 2018
by Kerry Doole

The award-winning DJ and producer teams up with a guest singer on a cut that features sparse production, smooth and soulful vocals, and lyrics exploring the addictiveness of love and lust.

January 3, 2018
by Kerry Doole

The acclaimed Toronto folk-rock septet teases a forthcoming sophomore album with an advance single that showcases the expressive vocals and imaginative lyrics of Anna Mernieks. This will leave you craving more.

December 27, 2017
by David Farrell

Today’s track is a mashup of the top 100 songs in English in 2017.

December 22, 2017
by External Source

This 1952 recording by the Welsh poet is credited with having launched the audiobook industry in the United States and has gone on to sell millions of copies around the world. 

December 20, 2017
by Kerry Doole

This Sheepdogs offshoot has come up with a new Christmas single that features an appealing melody, sweet lyrics and a cute video. The result is as warm and fuzzy as your favourite old Christmas sweater. Happy holidays to all!