Aldo Nova

Aldo Nova

Aldo at home. Pic credit:  Sylvie Bechard
September 13, 2020
by David Farrell

For over three decades he was one of Canada's most versatile and successful musician-songwriters and now he's back after more than a decade-long hiatus with a concept album he calls an opera and he's releasing it on his own label in installments, one song at a time.

Justin Bieber  Facebook photo
July 27, 2020
by Kerry Doole

Justin Bieber (pictured) announces his 2021 world tour, The Weeknd showcases his hometown, and a new deadline for a Covid-19 Emergency Support Fund. Others in the news include The Flowers Of Hell, Langston Francis, Aldo Nova, The Ropes, Indie Week, Rolly, FAI, Voivod, Evangeline Gentle, Alyssa Reid, Jarrel the Young, ShazamFest, and farewell Peter Green.

In happier days, with Aldo
January 8, 2018
by David Farrell

Partner to celebrity musician Aldo Nova, her death came as a shock to a great many in Quebec’s music industry who were unaware of the debilitating pancreatic cancer she endured in the past two years.