Apple Music

Apple Music

Media Beat
August 20, 2020
by David Farrell

The column is shorter than short today, but we promised a full complement of headline news come Monday. Meantime, Apple flexes its muscle.

Zane Lowe interview screenshot
February 16, 2020
by FYI Staff

Friday, Justin Bieber released Chances, his fifth studio album and the first since Purpose in 2015.

Kathleen Edwards  Facebook photo
November 6, 2019
by FYI Staff

Kathleen Edwards (pictured) makes a comeback, D.O.A. makes history, and Radiohead makes a plea. Others in the headlines include Neil Young, Alestorm, Baby Shark, Spinal Tap, funk, Jeff Lynne, Apple Music, Iggy Pop, Trent Reznor, MTN Nigeria, Ernest Hood, and Playfre.

Del Barber Facebook photo
October 9, 2019
by Kerry Doole

Del Barber's new album gets kudos, a look at Drake's monster mansion, and Avril Lavigne's memorable Toronto comeback. Others in the headlines include Bob Dylan, PUP, George Canyon, Lil Def, Jessie Reyez, Apple, Silver Lake, Disney, Silver Lake, iTunes, Gary Glitter, and Taylor Swift.

January 29, 2019
by Alan Cross

Before we get into some stats on how much the various streaming services pay out for the play of a song, let’s remember that you cannot compare the

King of the world in 2018.
December 5, 2018
by FYI Staff

Drake is the most-streamed artist of the year globally on Spotify and Apple Music and tops

Drake via Instagram
August 10, 2018
by FYI Staff

The total number of streams is hard to independently verify but his track record, a decade of consistently releasing hit material and his undeniable success on the Apple Music and Spotify platforms has made headlines, and made him a very wealthy young man.

July 4, 2018
by FYI Staff

The release of his new album last Thursday night brought a deluge of media attention, while stratospheric streaming numbers are breaking records at every turn.

Enjoying the fruits of success with a measure of Virginia Black whiskey
January 25, 2018
by David Farrell

Drizzy's surprise release has chalked up fantastic response around the globe, smashed records on Spotify and Apple Music and zoomed straight to 1st place on Nielsen's mid-week streaming chart.

Shawn Mendes with UMC's Jeffrey Remedios and TTC boss Josh Colle
September 1, 2017
by Nick Krewen

Tracks on Tracks are two Universal Music Canada curated Apple Music playlists designed to pump up or relax TTC commuters, depending on the time of day.

New Frontiers
April 28, 2017
by Nick Krewen

While Spotify still leads the world in streaming, Apple Music and Google are also players, as is China's Tencent Music Entertainment. In fact, the transition from physical to on-demand music is proving to be an accelerating growth industry with new technologies opening new frontiers.

Media Beat
April 25, 2017
by David Farrell

News about media and the regulatory environment both inside and beyond Canada's borders.