Avery Raquel

Avery Raquel

Photo credit: Kris King
March 27, 2020
by Bill King

During this period of adjustment and homestay, I thought I'd survey the music landscape and peer into the lives of fellow musicians and industry stalwarts. The responses of these Toronto female artists and biz players are compelling.

February 12, 2020
by Jason Schneider

The promising young Toronto soul/pop artist is now climbing the Dance charts via an inventive remix. Here she discusses that collaboration, the new twist on her musical journey, new material, and goals for 2020.

June 13, 2018
by Jason Schneider

Just 16, the soul wunderkind has just released her third album. As she explains in this Q&A, the collection represents a shift away from her jazz roots and showcases her fast-developing songwriting skills.

April 23, 2018
by FYI Staff

Youthful as she is, her emotive style borders recognizable torch singers past and present, and a barstool of lounge singers who once romanced known neon haunts with a parcel of lipstick songs.