Copyright Reform

Copyright Reform

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May 16, 2019
by FYI Staff

The report’s recommendations include ending the general use of the Radio Royalty Exemption, and amending the definition of “sound recording” so that recordings used in television programs and films would be eligible for public performance royalties.

Image: CIMA
December 19, 2018
by External Source

Music Canada has come out strongly endorsing reforms to the Copyright Board of Canada have been made official as the Government of Canada’s Budget

Bryan Adams gives Ottawa mandarins one right from the heart.
September 18, 2018
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Appearing in Ottawa on Tuesday morning, Bryan Adams urged the federal government to amend the Copyright Act to give artists more ability to regain control of their works after they've been sold.

December 14, 2017
by David Farrell

The stakeholders stack in two piles: big business, and creative artist collectives. In the first is anyone who relies on the use of music as part of their business activity. In the other, an alphabet soup of organizations with indecipherable acronyms that fall into three distinct bodies: Re: Sound, SOCAN, and the CMRRA.

November 8, 2017
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As the federal government undergoes trade negotiations, and as Parliament begins to embark on a statutory Copyright Act review, helping Canadian businesses succeed in the international market should be top of mind, panelists said at an event hosted by the Pearson Centre today.