Don Shafer

Don Shafer

November 23, 2018
by Jim Jj Johnston

Welcome to JJ-365 Salutes. Over 2018, we pay tribute daily to one of “The Good Ones”. Today we are shining the light on Don Shafer.

Roundhouse Radio CEO Don Shafer in happier times | Rob Kruyt, BIV
April 18, 2018
by David Farrell

Is Don Shafer's dream of a community FM for the people and about the people of Vancouver just a pipe dream–or will new investors come to the table and spin a grand vision into an urban moneymaker? 

Gene dockside in Vancouver
October 30, 2017
by External Source

Professionally, I have only had one dream. Be a Morning Man on the radio. I pursued it with passion. And I think I had a pretty good run, with people like my best friend and partner Jesse Dylan and others, Scruff, Brother Jake, Jane Hawtin, Gary Slaight, Steve Anthony, Bill Carroll and the list goes on...