Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Commodore Ballroom
January 20, 2021
by FYI Staff

There are big plans for the Commodore Ballroom (pictured), Ontario live-streams are put on hold, and a Joni Mitchell classic is revisited. Also in the headlines are Donald Trump, EU visas, sea shanties, Michael Buble, Veeps, Live Nation, New Radicals, Zev Feldman, Phil Spector, Brad Paisley, Dr. Dre, Ready Steady Go!, and Van Morrison.

Image courtesy of The New Daily
November 23, 2020
by David Farrell

You gotta laugh to keep from cryin'

Nicki Minaj  Photo: Atlanta Black Star
July 13, 2018
by Kerry Doole

Nicki Minaj (pictured) and her fans attack a Toronto blogger online, Google spends big bucks attacking a copyright directive, and Mick Jagger possibly jinxed England at the World Cup. Others in the headlines include Richard Swift, Anenome, hip-hop photos, Green Day, Carmen Campagne, Damian Marley, Dave Grohl, Julian Thomas, The Kubasonics, Charlie Puth, and the Brave festival.

Potus with Kanye at Trump Tower. Pic: Splash Media
May 2, 2018
by External Source

" ...Will they discuss prison reform over wine? Chew the fat about racial inequality? Is this meeting a ploy for West to gather intel for his own presidential campaign? It could be. Maybe West is a sly and sneaky genius and we have nothing to worry about."

Steve Paikin cleared of an harassment charge.
April 30, 2018
by David Farrell
Pic: Luke McGarry, The Hollywood Reporter
January 8, 2018
by External Source

GQ UK has an exclusive excerpt from the Wolff book on Trump, Fire And Fury: Inside The Trump White House, a part of which is reprinted here.

November 29, 2017
by External Source

Has a twittering reality star found a way to muzzle his detractors and gloat like a Cheshire cat as he chokes the wind out of all adversaries? One person thinks this could be the case.

September 25, 2017
by External Source

Canadians have a right to know and influence what their government is negotiating for in NAFTA-- or more importantly, what their government is negotiating away -- allegedly on their behalf.

Tim Minchin and his 'Donald' cast
July 18, 2017
by FYI Staff

The Australian comic, composer and the man behind the hit show Matilda has adapted the musical's central song, “When I Grow Up,” to mock Donald Trump and his entourage.

April 17, 2017
by External Source

Let's get past the stupid Nobel debates, the Minnesota oracle is not just a great poet but a prophet whose genius can sustain us. So says metrist and author Amis Shivani.