John Tory

John Tory

Toronto City Mayor John Tory
January 15, 2019
by External Source

Mark Elliot was a brave man - an early advocate for same sex marriage and courageously talked about his struggles with addiction to help others.

April 13, 2018
by Bill King

Back in the day, you would sit in your office, the phone would ring, and someone would say, 'hey I want to make a buy on radio.' And it was like 'OK, I'll take your money,' and then you spend the afternoon out drinking.Nowadays, you're chasing every nickel and dime.

The Universal Music team with Mayor John Tory wearing the red tie and UMC CEO Jeffrey Remedios to his right.
April 19, 2017
by Kerry Doole

Universal Music Canada is moving to downtown's hip, red brick Liberty Village neighbourhood from its uptown office complex in North York.