Martin Melhuish

Martin Melhuish

Jim Henman, Myles Goodwyn, Bruce Dixon. Image via Facebook
April 27, 2022
by David Farrell

Myles Goodwyn’s evolution from fair-haired cock fronting April Wine to the affable 74-year-old appearing at the upscale Trailside Music Hall in dow

L-R: Grammy winning songwriter Tim Nichols with Robin and Robert Ott
August 23, 2020
by David Farrell

What does one do when one is in the prime of one’s life with more money than most can ever dream of having, and a future that is as wide and open a

Liona Boyd
January 8, 2020
by FYI Staff

BMG gets new Toronto digs, the smash Justin Bieber exhibit keeps on running, and Liona Boyd (pictured) has a hit concert film. Others in the news include Steve Prendergast, Suzi Kory, Peter Foldy, Terry Draper, Rhapsody in Blue, J.D. Sage, rock star real estate, Dawn Tyler Watson, Sue Foley, Terry Russell, The Magic of Music, Gordon Grdina, and Dodge Fiasco.

Photo credit: Bruce Cole
September 20, 2019
by Bill King

-- Pictured at the combined Methuen Publications launch of Martin Melhuish's Bachman-Turner Overdrive book and Ritchie Yorke's Led Zeppelin bio

Stan Rogers, as appearing in the doc, One Warm Line
June 3, 2018
by Martin Melhuish

35 years ago today, in 1983, folk singer/songwriter Stan Rogers, age 33, died of smoke inhalation in a flash fire on an Air Canada flight which had