Michael Perlmutter

Michael Perlmutter

UMC's new digital marketing director Fraser MacKenzie. Pic provided.
April 15, 2021
by Kerry Doole

The Juno Awards are postponed to June 6, Fraser MacKenzie (pictured) is promoted at UMC, BreakOut West festival and conference details are announced, and more summer festivals are covid casualties. Also in the news are The Weeknd, the ECMAs, Earth Day,  Alex Henry Foster, Michael Perlmutter, Toronto’s Royal Conservatory and Koerner Hall, Honey Jam Sessions, MNB Awards, Downtown Yonge BIA, Cathy Young, Something Else, André Ethier, APA, and the Betty Webster Award.

Velma Barkwell wins the first ever Canadian Sync Award- photo, Grant Martin
May 13, 2018
by Nick Krewen

It was inevitable that it would happen: music synchronisation, one of the most valuable and lucrative, yet misunderstood industries that bind music together with film, television, video games and commercials, would establish its own awards show.

Back L to R: Michael Perlmutter, Velma Barkwell, Tammy Egan, John Rowley, Dondrea Erauw, Garrett McElver (U.S. Guild Member), Jody Colero. Front L to R: David Hayman, Amy Fritz, Mikaila Simmons
June 19, 2017
by External Source

The Canadian arm will work to educate and create community among emerging supervisors, and to share knowledge with colleagues to foster solutions to industry challenges and changing landscapes.

Michael Perlmutter looking into the future
May 31, 2017
by Kim Hughes

Money, songs, and music supervisors...