Roger Ashby

Roger Ashby

Roger in the studio. Photo: Bill King
November 16, 2018
by Bill King

After 50 years at CHUM, 35 of those spent as anchor at one of Canada's top-rated morning shows, Roger signs-off Dec. 5. Bill King captures the essence of the man in the following interview.

Pic credit: Howard Christensen. Taken in 1970, l-r:Roger Ashby, Tom Rivers, Johnny Mitchell, Chuck McCoy, John Rode, J. Michael Wilson and Jay Nelson.
October 26, 2018
by FYI Staff

The top-rated early bird bids farewell at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Grand Ballroom on Dec. 5. Pictured here is Rog front left with the AM radio crew in 1970.

Allan Waters, circa 1970, sitting on his desk
May 26, 2017
by Doug Thompson

What sort of businessman takes his failing company that's losing thousands of dollars a month and tries something so radical that it had never been