Sawdust City Music Festival

Sawdust City Music Festival

Miranda Mulholland  Photo: Ivan Otis
August 3, 2017
by Bill King

The ever-busy musical renaissance woman discusses her new Sawdust City Music Festival, a triumphant run with Soulpepper in NYC, her advocacy for artist rights, and more.

Sawdust City fest founder Miranda Mulholland Photo: Ivan Otis
July 14, 2017
by Kerry Doole

They won't exactly pose a threat to WayHome or Osheaga, but the arrival of two new artist-produced music festivals in Ontario next month is a welcome development.

June 16, 2017
by FYI Staff

Today's lineup features news on The Tragically Hip and Gord, the Sawdust City Music Festival, Simply Saucer, Imagine Dragons and more.