Sunrise Records

Sunrise Records

Entrepreneur and New FYE owner Doug Putman (photo: Twitter)
January 23, 2020
by Nick Krewen

Although Doug Putman is expanding his Sunrise empire by other 200-plus stores with the purchase of the US For Your Entertainment (FYE) chain for US$10M, he will continue to operate those stores under the FYE banner.

Owner Doug Putman in his HMV Vault store. Photo: Fabio De Paola
October 23, 2019
by David Farrell

Doug Putman has found a successful niche in the digital world selling CDs, LPs and videos to a customer base that enjoys having so-called hard copi

Doug Putman outside Birmingham's HMV Vault store. Pic: Fabio de Paola
October 21, 2019
by David Farrell

Doug Putman is too busy selling albums in the UK and Canada to waste his breath on myth makers spinning stories about the death of the CD and music

Doug Putman being interviewed on the BBC Tuesday.
February 6, 2019
by David Farrell

Canadian music retail chain maverick Doug Putman has purchased the assets and name of HMV UK in a deal worth more than $10-million that also saves as many as 1,500 company jobs there.

Sunrise Records' Doug Putman
February 4, 2019
by David Farrell

Canada’s Sunrise Records chain store owner Doug Putman has made a bid to seize control of troubled retailer HMV from under the nose of Newcastle Un

January 24, 2018
by David Farrell

Sunrise Records’ president Doug Putman doesn’t buy the popular mantra that music sales are cooked. Proof of this is the fact that his chain of nationwide stores sold close to a half-million vinyl albums last year.

Sunrise Records is expanding, and sales are exploding
June 21, 2017
by David Farrell

Business is booming out of the gate for the Sunrise Records chain and one of the big surprises is that millennials are packing the store to pick up vinyl and compact discs.