Lucinda Williams  Facebook photo
May 5, 2021
by Kerry Doole

Drake and Ryan Reynolds invest in Wealthsimple, Americana queen Lucinda Williams (pictured) recovers from a stroke, and the Kitchener Blues Festival is forced to cancel. Also in the headlines are Paul Pigat, Bonny Brent, Tidal, Jack Dorsey, Hipgnosis, Billie Eilish, WMG, Wave, PROs, YouTube, Bright, Bruce Springsteen, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Scroll, Don Cherry, and Robert Palmer.

Eric Alper communicating
July 24, 2018
by External Source

You can’t just wait on 40 million people around the world to pay $10 each, although that’s a really good business model. If you really want to change the industry for the better, you’ve got to get the other 90 million people with access to a credit card and cable. That’s when it’s gonna start to explode.

Alice Glass
May 11, 2018
by Kerry Doole

Alice Glass opens up, Tidal is accused of faking numbers, and Canada's biggest live venues are ranked. Also in the headlines are Bob Goodlatte, Tony Kinman, Prince, Katy Perry, CMW, Tyrant Studios, Eurovision, and streaming.

November 8, 2017
by Kerry Doole

Those in the headlines today include Tidal, SXSW, underground metal, Rolling Stone, Andrea Ramolo, AC/DC, Lisa LeBlanc, Mavis Staples, Luke McMaster, Janet Jackson, and The East Pointers.