Music Biz Headlines

Music Biz Headlines

Pharrell Williams  FB photo
January 20, 2020
by Kerry Doole

Pharrell Williams (pictured) gets happy designing condos, Celine Dion's mother passes, and Tommy Banks is honoured by the SJO. Others in the headlines include Neil Peart, a Grammys scandal, Tebey, Chilly Gonzales, Laurie Anderson, Lincoln Center, Halsey, T. Rex, Los Lobos, and Eminem.

Director X
January 17, 2020
by FYI Staff

Director X (pictured) discusses the new Drake video, Jay Douglas spreads good vibes, and Anyway Gang plays it loose. Others in the headlines include TrailerHawk, Tiktok, privacy laws, CAPASSO, Amazon, Greg Maffei, Pearl Jam, RPM Records, Primavera Sound, and Bond songs.

Billie Eilish  FB photo
January 15, 2020
by Kerry Doole

More tributes to Neil Peart, Billie Eilish (pictured) is a new Bond Girl, and reasons to love Drive-By Truckers. Others in the headlines include Revv52, TSO, Anghami, UMG, TikTok, Country Music Hall of Fame, Warner Chappell, Spotify, Roddy Ricch, NPR, Harry Nilsson, and Oprah.

Chilly Gonzales  instagram photo
January 13, 2020
by Kerry Doole

Chilly Gonzales (pictured) gets professorial, Cartel Madras deliver bad-ass rap anthems, and City Hall gets blamed for the Matador debacle. Also in the headlines are Morgan Davis, Sina Bathaie, Yola, Def Leppard, Gord Sinclair, Bob Rock, Barry Allen, Saban Music Group, Helen Smith, Selena Gomez, Lloyd Barnes, Michael Stipe, and Nipsey Hussle.

Matador Ballroom
January 10, 2020
by Kerry Doole

Nick Blagona's Hamilton connection, Matador (pictured) plans are revealed, and US streams hit a trillion. Also in the headlines are Grimes, Jacob Hoggard, Justin Bieber, Calgary concerts, Merlin, Todd Walker, John Densmore, David Bowie, Taylor Swift, and Rascal Flatts.

January 8, 2020
by FYI Staff

Coachella (pictured) grabs plenty of attention, Nirvana reunites in LA, and 2019's top francophone albums. Also in the headlines are Audrey Ochoa, David Francey, Queen, Concord, David Byrne, Randy Newman, Kylie Minogue, The Police, A. R. Rahman, and streaming services.

Justin Bieber  Facebook Photo
January 6, 2020
by Kerry Doole

The tasty return of Justin Bieber, Canadian stars set for Coachella, and Sir Rod finds trouble. Others in the headlines include T. Thomason, Capitol, Tim Potocic, Rhapsody in Blue, Jimmy Iovine, K-pop, Taj Farrant, Willie Nelson, Meat Loaf, Guided by Voices, Carol Kaye, Barack Obama, and Graceland.

Rah Rah Facebook photo
January 3, 2020
by Kerry Doole

Rah Rah (pictured) says bye bye, the Elmo's tab reportedly at $28M, and Michael Wrycraft advocates for accessibility. Others in the headlines include Justin Bieber, Drake, year end lists, Jack Scott, lost venues, Tencent, UMG, Jack de Keyzer, Miranda Mulholland, Entertainment One, Glen Barros, Live Nation, Joe Smith, Depeche Mode, Linda Ronstadt, and Dr. John.

December 20, 2019
by Kerry Doole

A new book profiles the fascinating life of Lhasa (pictured), 2019's best music documentaries, and Lucian Grainge boasts. Others in the headlines include Tencent, The Starling Effect, Saskatunes, Cuba, Live Nation, Mariah Carey, Spotify, The Pogues, Best Of lists, and Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Andrew Loog Oldham Facebook photo
December 18, 2019
by Kerry Doole

Andrew Loog Oldham (pictured) teaches at a BC uni,  Rihanna biopic sells to Amazon, and Aussie stars raise hay. Others in the headlines include Ward Cabaret, Cartel Madras, UVic, Atlantic UK, Michael Jackson, Best Of lists, Jonas Brothers, Bauhaus, and Chance the Rapper.

Triumph   band website photo
December 16, 2019
by Kerry Doole

The accolades flow for Triumph (pictured), Blowup turns 25, and a new song from Grimes. Others in the headlines include Tencent, Leonard Cohen, Matt Mays, Drake, green tours, Boney M, Taylor Swift, Billboard, music royalties, The Clash, Rod Stewart, Dr. Dre, CMJ, and Carol Kaye.

Celine Dion  Photo: Sony Music Canada
December 13, 2019
by Kerry Doole

Céline Dion dazzles in Toronto, Derrick Ross profiled, and Alanis musical earns raves. Others in the headlines include Frigs, Keithmas, Gillian Smith, Xmas records, Hipgnosis, Ed Sheeran, Virgin Fest LA, Best Of lists, Eagles, Def Leppard, Tidal, and Cyndi Lauper.