Ontario Premier Doug Ford
August 5, 2021
by David Farrell

On the heels of announcing plans to make Ontario Place a major city attraction in Toronto, the provincial government has released details on a multi-million grant fund supportiing 439 festivals and events in the province this year.

July 23 Tomato Tomato festival. Pic:  Area 506 / Mat Savidant.
August 3, 2021
by Ken Kelley

As Canadians from coast to coast anxiously await the return of concert venues, music fans in the Maritimes are enthusiastically embracing smaller s

July 25, 2021
by David Farrell

Three companies, including a Quebec outdoor recreation firm and a European spa and water park provider, have been chosen to revitalize Ontario Plac

June 15, 2021
by Kerry Doole

Lightfoot returns for three nights, November 25-27, closing in on his 170th appearance on the main stage (now named after his longstanding friend, Allan Slaight).

Photo supplied
June 8, 2021
by FYI Staff

Live Nation has teamed up with Drake to launch History, a new 2,500 capacity concert space with plans to host as many as 200 shows annually in the Toronto’s Beaches East district.

May 5, 2021
by David Farrell

It's been a tough past year for Canada's premier concert firm, but Live Nation chairman Riley O'Connor is bullish on the return of big shows in major markets. A lot of people are banking on him being right, and his team have all been called back to work. Virtually, of course.

April 1, 2021
by Bill King

It's midway through the afternoon and you are loading in gear, pause, then glance across your new surroundings.

March 17, 2021
by External Source

The Music Forward Foundation has

Photo Credit: Orest Dorosh
March 7, 2021
by External Source

Last we heard from Suzi Kory, the mother of two teenaged boys had lost her airline job and turned her attention to furthering a musical career.

Image courtesy of iHeartRadio.
February 15, 2021
by FYI Staff

Throughout the pandemic, Music Canada has been tracking views, perceptions, and intended behaviours of Canadians towards music generally and live music specifically. The latest findings are out and show that there is widespread support for government support in resuscitating the arts and the live music industry in particular.

January 13, 2021
by Jason Schneider

The Toronto Blues Society’s Maple Blues Awards traditionally kicks off the music award season in Canada every January.