Jan V. Matejcek Photo courtesy SOCAN
September 29, 2017
by FYI Staff

The tireless champion of the rights of composers, authors and publishers, he passed away on the weekend.

September 26, 2017
by FYI Staff

The French Canadian author, composer, musician, performer and actor has been famous forever it would seem and is perhaps best known for the songs "Lindberg" and "Je reviendrai à Montréal."

September 26, 2017
by External Source

The tariff, which applies to the years 2011-2013, took more than three years to be rendered after the conclusion of the hearing in early 2014 and shrinks payouts to creators.

DJs need to be licensed too
August 30, 2017
by David Farrell

Re:Sound and SOCAN have been quietly working to simplify licensing for businesses by creating a one-stop online portal.

Image: CIMA
August 11, 2017
by FYI Staff

The federal government wants to overhaul the Copyright Board and is asking stakeholders for ideas that can be submitted now through until Sept. 29.

August 2, 2017
by FYI Staff

The two orgs have created a new contest that is offering five grand to five winning songwriter contestants. The deadline is fast approaching though...

July 12, 2017
by External Source

It is expected that a review of Canada's Copyright Act will be announced in the coming eight weeks and it is likely to generate strong debate.

Sync Summit Awards logo
July 3, 2017
by External Source

The awards recognize the contribution that sync makes to the creative industries in Canada.

Classic and future stars shining backstage at the SOCAN Awards. Left to Right: Ruth B, Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance and Carly Rae Jepsen.
June 20, 2017
by Nick Krewen

Stars shining backstage at the SOCAN Awards. L - R: Ruth B, Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance and Carly Rae Jepsen.


Back L to R: Michael Perlmutter, Velma Barkwell, Tammy Egan, John Rowley, Dondrea Erauw, Garrett McElver (U.S. Guild Member), Jody Colero. Front L to R: David Hayman, Amy Fritz, Mikaila Simmons
June 19, 2017
by External Source

The Canadian arm will work to educate and create community among emerging supervisors, and to share knowledge with colleagues to foster solutions to industry challenges and changing landscapes.

SOCAN President Stan Meissner and CEO Eric Baptiste
June 14, 2017
by FYI Staff

Foreign royalty income from the performance of Canadian music played internationally on radio, television, in movies, online, on-stage and other us

Michael Perlmutter looking into the future
May 31, 2017
by Kim Hughes

Money, songs, and music supervisors...