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Doug Putman outside Birmingham's HMV Vault store. Pic: Fabio de Paola

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Oct 21, 2019
Before today's election, CBC Music approached 25 prominent Canadian musicians, seeking answers to three questions: Why are you vot
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Oct 21, 2019
RAIN Summit Canada in redux
Doug Putman outside Birmingham's HMV Vault store. Pic: Fabio de Paola
Oct 21, 2019
Doug Putman is too busy selling albums in the UK and Canada to waste his breath on myth makers spinning stories about the death of the CD and music
Photo: David McDonald
Oct 21, 2019
Adrian Sutherland - Politician Man (Midnight Shine Music): Here is one timely new track.

Today's New Track

  • Photo: David McDonald
    The frontman of Indigenous root-rockers Midnight Shine makes an impressive solo debut with a timely protest song that advocates for reconciliation and is directed at our leaders.
  • Photo: Jen Squires
    The veteran folk/roots songsmith teases his 13th solo album with a gentle tune that is a timely plea for empathy in this divisive era.
  • Photo: Matthieu Zazzo
    The first francophone band signed to famed US label Sub Pop impresses on a single featuring vigorous ringing guitars and echoing vocals, and complemented by a striking animated video.
  • Formerly with Harlan Pepper, the Hamilton songsmith is readying a second solo album. This sweetly melodic lead track sounds both classic and contemporary.
  • Photo: Adrian Martinez
    The Toronto R&B duo follows up a summertime hit with a gentle warm burner featuring soulful vocals and a declaration of love.
  • The Polaris Prize shortlister's emotionally expressive vocals deliver a powerful message on her latest single and accompanying video.
  • Lil Berete (l) and Deno
    The fast-rising Toronto rapper teams up with a comrade from London on a snappy track that shows a new lyrical maturity.
  • Photo Heather Pollock
    Ahead of a new album, the veteran Toronto roots-rock combo releases a track with a timely and important message.
  • Photo: Zach Hertzman
    This advance track from the acclaimed Montreal artist's new album features lush and layered production, bubbly pop vocals, and lyrics that merge personal reflection and social commentary.
  • Photo: Nicklaus Ball
    The veteran hard rockers preview a new album with a typically hard-hitting first single. The furious riffing and Hugh Dillon's intense vocals grab you by the throat, and there's no escape.
  • This new cut from the fast-rising rapper features trip-hop-inflected beats and confessional lyrics delivered with real assurance.
  • Photo: Colin Medley
    The fans of the cult favourite songsmith will enjoy this quirky yet warm cut from an imminent album.
  • A deal with Sub Pop confirms the Montreal band is on the rise. This new single shows why, as it is a bracing slab of riffery driven by ringing guitars.
  • The first Spanish-sung single by the young Brazilian-Canadian artist is a reggaeton burner with real commercial potential.
  • The Juno-winning, multi-platinum-selling electro-pop artist previews a new EP with a catchy cut featuring breathy vocals and defiant lyrics.
  • The Alberta husband and wife alt-pop duo previews a new album with a title track featuring earnest vocals, big production, and earworm potential.
  • single artwork
    The Calgary R&B artist impresses with the pleading soulful vocal, subtle production, and original lyrical conceit of this new cut.
  • Photo: Kyle Fisher
    This title track from an imminent EP by the Hamilton shoegazers features ringing guitars, dreamy vocals, and probing lyrics
  • Rock auteur Jordon Zadorozny returns with a track from an imminent album that showcases his penchant for strong melodies and multi-layered lush production.
  • Photo: Spencer Watson
    The Vancouver-based sisterly duo impresses with a single from an imminent EP featuring tight harmonies, shifting dynamics, and deft production.