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L-R: eOne Global Music President Chris Taylor, eOne CEO Darren Throop

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Aug 23, 2019
Earlier this month, Saskatchewan-bred rockers The Sheepdogs received their second Canadian platinum certification plaque for their
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Aug 23, 2019
Editor of Your Ward News gets 1 year in jail for p
Photo: Bill King
Aug 23, 2019
While rummaging through well-worn Jazz Reports, a magazine I published for a good eighteen years beginning in 1987, I came across my inter
L-R: eOne Global Music President Chris Taylor, eOne CEO Darren Throop
Aug 23, 2019
Mid-afternoon Thursday, Var

Today's New Track

  • Photo: Samantha Moss 
    The new single from an upcoming self-titled debut album showcases a pure and expressive voice and positive lyrics, plus subtle production from Jim Bryson.
  • Photo: Daniel Keebler
    A Kurt Swinghammer-created video for this track from the folk legend's upcoming instrumental album masterfully enhances the musical tribute to Martin Luther King.
  • Photo: Jessica Steddom
    The new single from the fast-rising country star features an understated vocal performance that enhances the philosophical lyrics.
  • Photo: Nathan Cyprys
    In advance of his second album, the Toronto singer-songwriter releases a song that shows off his gently mellow vocal style, and a soft rock meets folk sound.
  • The Shangs album cover
    The recently reunited Hamilton psych-pop combo has delivered a superb new album. This track is one of its most experimental, featuring a moody and minimal soundscape, robust vocals, and an impressionistic video.
  • In tandem with a new EP, the Toronto pop-rock songstress delivers a fiery single that explores a dysfunctional relationship.
  • Photo: Charlie Benoit
    This new track is as heavy as the Halifax band's name suggests, with sludgy Sabbath riffs interspersed with trippy passages.
  •  Photo: Ebru Yildiz
    20 years in, the beloved Vancouver supergroup still delivers the goods. When Neko Case first takes over the vocal lead and the guitars kick in on this track from an upcoming album, the result is as viscerally thrilling as ever.
  • The veteran Toronto pop/reggae/folk singer/songwriter previews an upcoming album with a well-crafted and suitably sunny tune that captures the mood of the season.
  • The Juno-nominated Indigenous singer/songwriter previews a new album with a single featuring powerfully expressive vocals placed atop electro-pop rhythms, and accompanied by a striking video.
  • Photo: Moonbase
    The highly-touted Toronto grime emcee is at the top of his game on the title cut from a brand new album. Authoritative rapping sits atop an ambient soundscape.
  • The track features her understated yet fluent vocals atop some rhythmic synth lines. Lyrically, the tune outlines some decidedly foolish behaviour: "DIY bongs in the bathroom, She shot gun kissing a frat boy in the bathtub, He bad news."
  • The new single from the alt-pop/rock trio is a hook-heavy romp that, like the accompanying self-made video, is a lot of fun.
  • The fast-rising country star delivers a powerful performance on a piano ballad addressing the theme of homelessness, a subject close to her heart.
  • Thirty-five years after it became an anthemic hit for Parachute Club, the infectious tune is given a fresh twist by Lorraine Segato, two of her bandmates, and a large cast of strong young voices. Proceeds will benefit four non-profits.
  • album cover art
    The Toronto guitar hero and hard rock godfather has just released a solo record, Signals Through The Flames. This focus track showcases his typically virile vocals and axemanship, and it evokes the sound of '70s Brit hard rock.
  • The highly-regarded Albertan roots troubadour previews a new album with a single that has a surprising and attractive glam rock feel.
  • The indie rock veterans are preparing the release of their first album in 15 years, and this title track is a shape-shifting gem. The companion video is a visual treat.
  • Photo: Charlie Benoit
    The title track of the Halifax combo's upcoming sophomore full-length showcases its appealingly melodic power pop meets psych sound.
  • Two of the strongest voices in Canadian country combine to great emotional effect on this full-blooded and open-hearted ballad.