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Meghan Patrick with one of last night's trophies. Grant W. Martin Photography

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Jun 17, 2019
To help celebrate the championship win of his beloved Toronto Raptors, Drake, the team’s global ambassador, has r
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Jun 17, 2019
Wartime correspo
Jun 18, 2019
Here is this week's Nielsen Marketwatch report which features Canadian music stats for the current week and YTD with comparisons to last year.
Jun 17, 2019
Festivals and Conference Submission Deadlines  

Today's New Track

  • One of the first of a likely deluge of Raptors-themed cuts, this features free-flowing rhymes atop a sparse beat. Bonus points for the Kawhi Leonard lookalike in the video.
  • Coinciding with the wonderful run by the Raptors in the NBA finals is a new single from the 6 booster and hip-hop veteran. It features his signature bold and bravado-filled rhyming plus deft production.
  • The ever-prolific and shape-shifting duo returns with another winner, a slow and haunting bonus cut from the acclaimed Panther In The Dollhouse album.
  • Photo: Rachel Pick
    The folk-inflected BC singer/songwriter returns with a new single accompanied by a superbly-filmed video supported by the MVP Project. The emotionally expressive track showcases his yearning voice.
  • The Toronto-based rapper has made a mark with Prime Boys. This title cut from a solo EP out this week features powerful lyrics delivered with clarity atop a sparse groove, accompanied by a beautifully shot black and white video.
  • This project is the brainchild of indie rocker Mitch Bowden, formerly of Chore. This focus track from new album Stand of Tide features infectious hooks, layered guitars and stirring vocal harmonies.
  • Photo: Heather Pollock
    The Blue Rodeo frontman has just released a new solo album, Countrywide Soul, a mix of new and old material. That effortlessly smooth and mellow voice does justice to this Glen Campbell hit.
  • This powerful track and kinetic video show why the BC hip-hop artist is making major waves. She spits her rhymes with real fire, and the lyrics hold nothing back.
  • The indie rock heroes release a new album, Agitpop, on Friday. It is the group's most overtly political work, as showcased by the righteous anger of this compelling cut.
  • single artwork
    The Burlington, ON, hitmakers are still mourning the death of keyboardist, Mike “Beard Guy” Taylor. This new tune is a touching tribute to their comrade, one that is simultaneously sad and stirring.
  • This is the new single from the just-released second album from the acclaimed soul songstress. She has a convincing old-school feel in her vocals, and her phrasing is impeccable.
  • The third advance single from the punky Vancouver band's imminent album is a winner. Atop jangly guitar, the vocals rail against the info overload plaguing contemporary life, while short instrumental breaks give the track room to breathe. 
  • Photo: Nicholas Sayers
    The track from an upcoming rarities collection is the band's typical punk/noise fire and brimstone, about as subtle as a headbutt, yet highly invigorating. 
  • album graphic
    The Juno-winning roots songsmith is gaining real traction with new acoustic album The Other Way. This gentle and well-crafted tune shows off the warm embrace that is his voice.
  • Facebook Photo
    The Vancouver dream-rock femme foursome has just signed to noted indie label Paper Bag. This new single is a neatly-paced tune that features reverb-soaked guitars and moody vocals.
  • single artwork
    An achingly pure voice and poetic lyrics have earned the Juno-winning PEI folk artist a reputation as a master of melancholy, and this gently haunting new single serves as confirmation.
  • Ahead of an imminent EP release, the hard-working femme rockers deliver a sharp-tongued track that rails against unwanted male attention.
  • The Toronto indie-pop band teases a new EP with a melodic track that begins sparsely and gently, then picks up real momentum. The kinetic energy of the video clip is an effective complement.
  • The Winnipeg-based husband and wife folk duo releases a second album today. This new track and video feature the pure voice and imaginative lyrics of Juno winner Keri Latimer.
  • Photo: Jenna Ledger
    This track from the Toronto folk artist's highly-praised new album is complemented by a video directed by Kevin Drew. The piano-based ballad showcases warm vocals and imaginative lyrics.