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Steve Earle at the Cameron House, Toronto  Photo: Bill King

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Apr 17, 2019
Tokyo Police Club, reinvigorated 
Apr 19, 2019
Universal Music France and its label Decca Records have united with la Fondation du patrimoine to create an album
Media Beat
Apr 19, 2019
Inside Notre Dame: The Story of God, narrated by Morgan Freeman
Sully Erna's Facebook image
Apr 19, 2019
Sully Erna, the frontman for American hard rock quartet Godsmack, has launched a non-profit dedicated to raising awareness of mental health issues.
Apr 19, 2019
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Today's New Track

  • The critically acclaimed project of electronica artist Robert Alfons releases a new album today. This new single features rumbling bass and swirling synths on a cut that lives up to its title.
  • The popular indie rock band is calling it quits, but not before a swansong album and tour. Here is an inventive video for a typically quirky yet melodic new track.
  • Photo:
    The BC riffmeisters have shuffled personnel, but, judging by the glorious sonic sludge of this new single, their signature sound remains happily intact.
  • The fast-rising, award-winning Toronto R&B singer/songwriter collaborates with an Atlanta hip-hop artist on a steamy new track that has hit stamped all over it.
  • Photo Credit: Magdalena Bourne
    The BC band softens its sound on a new dream-pop meets shoegaze single. Ethereal vocals float atop atmospheric guitars in mesmerising fashion.
  • The pop pride of Burlington, ON, partners with a top US comedian for a refreshing new take on the 1979 Buggles hit.
  • Facebook photo
    The platinum-selling BC hip-hop artist adds a soulful folk-pop tinge to this charming homage to the love of his life. A sweet treat.
  • The youthful BC singer/songwriter/producer previews a debut album with this gently dazzling new single. His haunting vocals and genuinely poetic lyrics are well-served in a stunning video.
  • The BC singer/songwriter has earned over 13 million listens with earlier material. He previews a sophomore album with a moody track featuring soulful and yearning vocals and philosophical lyrics.
  • The highly-touted songsmith takes a detour into remix territory, and his sweetly fragile vocals mesh neatly with the incessant beats.
  • The highly-touted Toronto rapper previews an imminent album with a single that features rapid-fire rhymes and fierce lyrics. A Mighty talent indeed.
  • This is the music project of Toronto actor/filmmaker Kaelen Ohm, and she dazzles on a mesmerising dream-pop take of a Radiohead tune.
  • The Indigenous BC hip-hop duo and Polaris Prize shortlisters preview a new album with another riveting track, showcasing rapid-fire rhymes and powerful lyrics.
  • The Toronto hard rock band demonstrates its sonic ferocity on a new live video featuring two cuts from acclaimed current album Heaven.
  • The veteran hard rockers deliver an unlikely yet compelling version of the Gordon Lightfoot classic, with Hugh Dillon's virile vocals driving the narrative.
  • This young Toronto singer/songwriter/producer is now attracting international attention and this third single will fuel the buzz. It packs plenty into just 2:36, and the hiphop meets alt/art rock hybrid is fascinating.
  • The newest single from the Toronto modern-rock band is already scoring notable rock radio adds. No surprise, as it is a well-constructed and melodic tune. Call it a tale of lust at first sight:
  • The Canadian pop songwriter teams up with the Motown legend on a charming cut that evokes the sound and history of the famed Motor City label.
  • The Toronto-based singer/songwriter previews an upcoming solo album with a track showcasing her strong and emotionally expressive voice, while its lyrics dig deep.
  • Photo: Colin Medley
    The Winnipeg rocker, who recently signed to Sleepless, impresses with this spirited and melodic single, one featuring ringing guitars and thought-provoking lyrics, and accompanied by an entertaining video.