James Bryan: Back In Those Loving Arms - feat. Divine Brown

James Bryan - "Back In Those Loving Arms - feat. Divine Brown" (Independent): In the mood for some warm soul to ward off grumpy old man winter? Then step right up. Divine Brown lends her pipes to this new composition from James Bryan, and it's a charmer. His easy on the ear guitar work meshes neatly with Brown's vocals as she tenderly offers some sage advice – "when everything you've ever wanted turns to dust before your eyes, you better find some loving arms to hold you tight." Amen.

Bryan is best known for his work with Philosopher Kings and Prozzak, but he remains active as a producer and solo recording artist. His just-released second solo album, By Your Side, is all-instrumental aside from this track.

He co-wrote and produced Divine Brown's Canadian radio hit “Old Skool Love" back in 2005, and it's a pleasure to see them collaborating again. Let's hope for more!


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