Shaggy & Massari: Why

Shaggy & Massari - "Why" (300 Entertainment/Brooklyn Knights Entertainment): Reggae/pop hitmaker Shaggy "(Oh Carolina", "Boombastic") has been in the news a lot of late, given his collaboration with Sting on their duo album, Don't Make Me Wait., and a recent Grammy Awards appearance. He has also found time to record a joint track with Canadian singer Massari, and it is a tasty confection.

Shaggy confirms that he is a master of dancehall flow, and his stylings contrast nicely with Massari's smooth vocal on the breezy and uptempo cut. Lyrically, there is some standard innuendo, as on "I want a bit of what you've got," but the tune is relatively G-rated.  This kind of Caribbean-flavoured crossover track is definitely in vogue these days, so its commercial prospects are rosy.

Massari has enjoyed international success with other recent singles, with videos for 2017 tracks “So Long” and “Done Da Da” attracting over 60 million views on YouTube. He also teamed with hit Canadian rapper Tory Lanez on the track "Number One" a few months back.  He has yet to break through Stateside, but this may help boost his chances.

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