Pic: Sick Chirpse
Pic: Sick Chirpse

Buck Up Guys, Women Entertainers Are Cashing In!

Some of the most popular singers in the world are worth more than half a billion dollars and more than a few are women in this modern-day-world.

Web portal Wealthy Gorilla has compiled a list of the 20 richest singers worldwide using figures from Forbes, Celebrity Net Worth and The Richest.

Assessing personal wealth is always a bit of a crapshoot, but it also makes for a fascinating read and ultimately must leave us readers just a tad bit envious. There are obvious names that are omitted and there is no explanation offered as to why Macca, Drizzy, The Weeknd, Jay Z and Paul Anka miss being cash royalty, but who's counting? eh!

Below is the Wealthy Gorilla A-list and you can link here to read a synopsis about them.

Madonna - $580M

Mariah Carey - $535M

Dolly Parton = $500M

Gloria Estefan -$500M

Victoria Beckham - $400M

Johnny Mathis - $400M

Celine Dion - $380M

Barbra Streisand - $370M

Jennifer Lopez - $360M

Toby Keith - $360M

Beyoncé - $350M

Shania Twain - $350M

Bruce Springsteen - $345M

George Strait - $326M

Cher - $305M

Justin Bieber - $305M

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