Hedley Allegations Inspire Neon Dreams' Raise Your Voice Fundraiser

Halifax EMI-based pop band Neon Dreams, which abandoned its warm-up slot during Hedley’s recent Cageless cross-Canada tour after rumours of sexual assault allegations about the headliner began to circulate, has spearheaded the Raise Your Voice fundraiser Sept. 9 at Toronto’s Gladstone.

According to the press release, the concert, which includes headliner Ralph of Toronto, another local singer Jillea, and Alberta duo The Command Sisters, will benefit programs involving Youth Rising Above (YRA) and the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape.

Neon Dreams, which will perform an acoustic set, will also donate $1000 to the two organizations, and another $5000 through the Raise Your Voice event.

– Continue reading Nick Krewen’s feature about the event on SamaritanMag.

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