Glenn Gould in the studio in 1978. Pic: Harold Whyte/The Star/CP
Glenn Gould in the studio in 1978. Pic: Harold Whyte/The Star/CP

On The Road Again: Glenn Gould To Tour…As A Hologram

The classical world is about to be turned on its head with Primary Wave Publishing announcing plans to return the late Canadian classical pianist to the stage using hologram technology developed by Eyellusion.

No specifics have been announced about the when or where, but the shows are expected to start late next year and include virtual performances with a live orchestra or orechestras.

Eyellusion is in production on its “Bizarre World of Frank Zappa” and “DIO Returns” hologram tours featuring the late Frank Zappa and Ronnie James Dio reunited with former bandmates via hologram. Both the rock projects are set to launch in early 2019, playing dates globally, according to a company spokesperson.

In 2017, NYC-based Primary Wave Music Publishing (PWMP) announced that it had acquired the rights to Gould’s publishing, certain master recordings and audiovisual works, as well as his name and likeness.

In a media release, PWMP states that Gould’s vast catalogue, recorded as part of his long-term relationships with CBS/Sony Masterworks and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, continues to attract listeners and fans worldwide. His unique interpretations and thoughtful performances of a diverse range of classical works remain revered by listeners around the world and frequently cited as a significant influence by the world’s most celebrated pianists. Gould has received numerous accolades for his work, including four Grammy Awards, three Juno Awards and the RIAA Lifetime Achievement Award.

“Considering how much of a perfectionist Gould was about his music and performances, and Primary Wave’s deep respect and understanding of his music and artistry, we are honoured to have the opportunity to collaborate closely on such an innovative production,” said Eyellusion CEO Jeff Pezzuti.

“Seeing Glenn Gould play his most famous works as only he could, accompanied by orchestras in some of the world’s most famous concert halls, is the best way to experience this incredible artist’s work and contributions to modern classical music. We look forward to working with Primary Wave to create yet another incredible production that honours and passes down the legacy of one of the most important musicians of our time.”

“Glenn Gould would have loved this new technology that will bring his very best performances to venues across Canada and around the world,” said Faye Perkins, on behalf of the Glenn Gould estate. “Glenn’s live performances were always an event, and we are thrilled for fans old and new to be able to experience what it was like to see him on stage.”

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