CBS Pledges $20M To US-Based Women's Advocacy Groups

U.S. media giant CBS Corp. announced it will divide up the $20 million earlier promised for women advocacy groups to 18 organizations focused on eliminating sexual harassment in the workplace. The move stemmed from a recent decision to part ways with CBS' longtime CEO, Leslie Moonves, after he was accused of workplace sexual misconduct.

The money had been taken from Moonves’ severance package, which was to have been $140 million in total. That was before an investigation into allegations against the former CBS head concluded the media giant had cause to deny the ousted Moonves the remaining $120 million on his exit. 

Crucially, CBS said the groups, some long established and other newly-launched in the wake of the #MeToo and Time's Up campaigns, were chosen because they tackle sexual harassment and promote workplace safety in a number of ways.

"These organizations represent different critical approaches to combating sexual harassment, including efforts to change the culture and improve gender equity in the workplace, train and educate employees, and provide victims with services and support. CBS’ support of these endeavours ties into the company’s ongoing commitment to strengthening its own workplace culture," the New York-based media group said in a statement as it named the 18 groups. -- Continue reading Etan Vlessing's story on the SamaritanMag website.

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