Danielle Todd: Crazy

Danielle Todd - "Crazy" (Independent): This is the debut radio single from the Canadian country singer/songwriter, and it is one with real commercial potential.

The song, co-written with Caitie Thompson and Bobbi Holliday, is bubblier than a case of Moet. Todd explains in a press bio that" I have been writing more upbeat and happier songs lately because that’s what I find fun and I find is needed these days. Crazy is fun; it’s one of those songs you bop along to when it comes on in the car.”

The tune depicts someone head over heels in love - "my left eye is twitching, my heart is skipping" - and the equally good-natured video clip is a fitting accompaniment.

Raised in Guelph, ON, Todd is now paying her dues in Nashville. After a decade of performing in venues across Ontario, she Todd moved to Music City three years ago, developing her writing chops while gigging relentlessly in the bars. “It's not unusual for me to gig five to seven days a week, and it’s not unusual for me to play 14 days in a row if I get asked to pick up some last-minute shows,” she says. 

Todd returns north of the border for a radio promo tour of Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba from Feb. 25 to March 8.






Publicity: Paula Danylevich, 

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