Leaf Rapids: There They Go

Leaf Rapids - “There They Go" (Coax Records): The Winnipeg-based husband and wife folk duo release a new album, Citizen Alien, today, preceded by a video for this track.

It was shot while skating on the Red River, and singer/lyricist Keri Latimer explains in a press release that “This is one of those songs that started writing itself and I wasn't sure what it was about until halfway through. That’s when I realized I was Princess Flotus in my opulent high tower overlooking a park and watching the humans down below with a feeling of emptiness and longing. It's probably about my addiction to social media.”

She is an imaginative lyricist (sample lines: "What I'd give to feel a breeze, but they don't let you open the windows from up this high") and her vocals are pure and slightly melancholy. Gentle pedal steel is utilised neatly here.

The album, Leaf Rapids' second, was co-produced with acclaimed multi-instrumentalist and composer Rusty Matyas (Imaginary Cities, The Sheepdogs), with guests Alexa Dirks (Begonia) and Grant Davidson (Slow Leaves). 

Of note: Keri Latimer was previously in the Juno-winning roots group Nathan.

Leaf Rapids played an album release party at WECC in Winnipeg last night. They have European dates supporting The Good Lovelies later this month, then have western festival shows in June, July and August. Itinerary here






Publicity: Ken Beattie, Killbeat

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