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Charlotte Cardin Facebook photo

Prism Prize Video: Charlotte Cardin - The Kids

On May 13, the biggest prize for Canadian music videos will be handed out in Toronto. We are profiling some of the Top 20 nominees before the big night, including this clip from one of Quebec's brightest young stars. Slaight Music is Patron Sponsor for the Prism Prize.

Charlotte Cardin - “The Kids”

Never one to shy away from personal and emotional issues in her music, Charlotte Cardin created a cinematic video for “The Kids” that serves up a grim look at growing up in an unstable environment where substance abuse is prevalent.

The video follows one young child throughout. His childhood is quiet, yet loud from the shouts between his parents.  His childhood is lonely - he’s seen wandering his town solemnly on his own, shooing away (or rather, giving the finger) to anyone who tries to make contact; instead he finds companionship with the lifeless body of an animal he happens to encounter on his way.

Director Kristof Brandl and DP Christophe Collette provide dark visuals which help paint a harrowing existence for this young child. The moments, raw and extremely affecting, are then intercut with flashbacks of happier times.

In the end, we are introduced to the child as a man, now experiencing his emotional instability as a result of the traumas he witnessed in his youth. It’s a bleak look at the traumatic cycle of a domestic pattern that has become all too common.



Kristof Brandl, director

COLOSSALE, Agile, production company

Christophe Collette, director of photography

Kristof Brandl, editor



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