Don Vail: On The Wire

Don Vail - On The Wire (Independent); This project is led by Mitch Bowden, a Toronto indie rocker formerly in the bands Chore and The Priddle Concern.

He launched Don Vail with a self-titled album in 2009 produced by Jordon Zadorozny (Blinker the Star), then returned with a second album, Fades, in 2016, and, last month, a third full-length, Stand of Tide.

Focus track On The Wire is a compelling showcase of Bowden's gift for melodic rock songs with infectious hooks, and it features layered guitars and stirring vocal harmonies from keyboardist Kori Pop. Reference points would include Guided By Voices and Blinker the Star.

Along with some Toronto comrades, Bowden recorded most of the new record at Grouse Lodge Studios in Ireland. He explains that "the album wasn’t finished in Ireland, so I returned to Mechanical Noise [Bowden's studio in Dunnville, Ontario] to complete the sessions, but the overseas journey had turned these songs into something vital. Now the some day when shit would get done was today."

Of note: in 2007, Mitch Bowden had a stint in Broken Social Scene.

Don Vail plays Flyers in Dunnville on June 21 and Mills Hardware in Hamilton on June 29.







Publicity: Matt Carson, Auteur Research

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