Drake, OVO and RBC are planning a summit. Credit: RBC Photo
Drake, OVO and RBC are planning a summit. Credit: RBC Photo

OVO Partners With RBC For Aug 2 Summit

On Friday, Aug. 2, Drake's global lifestyle brand October's Very Own (OVO) teams up with RBC to stage the first public OVO Summit.

In typical Drizzy fashion, exact details about the Summit are scarce, but in a press release issued by the Canadian bank, the OVO Summit is described as "an immersive conference for Canadian creatives and lifestyle entrepreneurs looking to grow their careers, hone their skills and make a lasting impact on the creative economy in Canada."

Oliver El-Khatib, Drake co-manager and OVO co-founder, said in a statement: "Whether you’re an athlete, student, artist, or a globally-recognized institution like OVO or RBC, one thing we all have in common is we’re always chasing new ideas and information to help us on our path to success. OVO Summit is our chance to curate a relevant educational experience for all the like-minded, driven young Canadians who are passionate about careers in music, sports, arts, and entertainment.”

The event, to be held at a TBA Toronto location (tickets are on sale on June 24), was teased back on June 1, when billboards were erected in seven downtown Toronto intersections brandishing such two-word slogans as "Earn It," "Breathe It," "Live It" and "Dream It" that carried both the OVO owl and RBC corporate logo. 

The reveal also dispels the rumour that RBC was going to make a Drake and/or OVO credit card available to the public.

The timing of the event could also fuel speculation that this year's OVO Fest will be held on the Civic Holiday Weekend.  A quick check of venues reveals that two probabilities -  Rogers Centre and the Budweiser Stage - are open between August 2-5. Of the two, Budweiser Stage would be considered the most likely home of the star-studded-cameo-filled Fest - which was skipped last year but has staged every OVO Fest that has been held since its 2010 debut.

Sounds like more info will be coming our way Monday.

And assuming that Aubrey makes an appearance at the OVO Summit, that won't be the only place you'll find him waxing eloquently: Madame Tussauds Las Vegas has just unveiled a Champagne Papi replica adorned in the garb he sported in his popular Hotline Bling video, allowing fans of the man to take up-close selfies with his likeness.

The museum is located in the Venetian Hotel - and we're assuming candles aren't welcome.

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