Rheostatics: Here Come the Wolves

Rheostatics - Here Come the Wolves (Six Shooter): They have not released an album in 15 years, but Toronto indie rock veterans Rheostatics retain a large and loyal fanbase, one that will be delighted to hear a new record is on its way. Here Come the Wolves will be released on Six Shooter on Sept. 6, and the title track increases the anticipation greatly.

It begins as a surging rocker, heavier than usual Rheos fare, but befitting the apocalyptic tone of the lyrics. Then, 2.30 in, it takes a radical detour, becoming slow and moody, with Martin Tielli's haunting voice to the fore. At 4.25, the song switches course again, picking up the pace and adding harmonies, before fading away with gentle piano. Quite the 6.25 journey.

The tune is accompanied by an eye-catching video clip, described in a label press release as "a thesis on time and its abstractions via a revelatory glimpse into the making of the album art. Come for the behind-the-scenes snoop into Tielli’s painting studio, stay for the free tutorial on the Renaissance technique of egg tempera grassa (“cannot vouch for reptilian egg”). The video, a rollercoaster ride through a painstaking and deliberate process, does with video what Here Come The Wolves does with music: it leaves its trace."

Of note: Tielli is an acclaimed painter. Also noteworthy:  Rheostatics return as their original 1980 four, Dave Bidini, Dave Clark, Martin Tielli and Tim Vesely, now also with Hugh Marsh and Kevin Hearn.

The album is produced by Chris Stringer with mixing contributions by Chris Walla, Michael Phillip Wojewoda, and Gus Van Go.

Great to have the lads back.

The group plays the Calgary Folk Music Festival on July 26, and Interstellar Rodeo in Edmonton, July 27. A November tour follows. Dates here




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