Meghan on stage in Hagersville, ON. Pic: Instagram
Meghan on stage in Hagersville, ON. Pic: Instagram

Country Singer Meghan Patrick Discusses the Bigger Picture of Calling Out "Dipshit" Catcaller

Meghan Patrick was headlining Hagersville Rocks Music Festival last month when a man screamed out, “Show me your tits.”  Yes, it’s 2019, and some men clearly think that’s okay.

The recent global phenom of yelling “fuck her right in the pussy” (known as FHRITP) to a female TV reporter as the camera is rolling has prompted criminal charges for some: including breach of the peace, harassment, sexual harassment or mischief. And why would “show me your tits” be any different?

While accolades and circumstances should not make any difference, the Bowmanville, Ontario-born singer is a respected and rising star in the country music world, recently named female artist of the year by the Canadian Country Music Association Awards for the second consecutive time, nominated for two 2019 Juno Awards, and owner of 13 trophies from the Ontario Country Music Awards.

Her debut album, 2016’s Grace and Grit, spawned four top 20 hits and the top 10 hit Still Loving You, and the follow-up album, 2018’s Country Music Made Me Do It generated a top 5 hit with the title track, the No. 1 Wall Come Down and top 15 The Bad Guy. She has just released the new single, Wild As Me. She is on Warner Music in Canada and just signed with Riser House Records in America. 

So when this jerk interrupted her show with “Show me your tits,” the 32-year-old stopped what she was doing and tore into him.  Her F-laden approach is beside the point. She said what many women would like to say in similar — and all too common — circumstances:

“I do not fucking work my whole life, and be broke, and it’s sad to have some dipshit drunk in the audience tell me to show him my tits. This isn’t a fucking strip club. Get the fuck out,” she demanded. “If you’re here to see country music, and honesty, and stories, and have some beers and have a good time, you are welcome here. But that shit is not fucking welcome here; I work too damn hard motherfucker. Fuck you…,” punctuated with the finger.

Still steaming, Patrick later took to her social media to voice what took place, beginning her post with, "Ok, I'm about to get real here for a second." It received 3500 likes, 660 comments, and 590 shares. No two ways about it, this kind of idiocy, rudeness, and disrespect has to be stopped and there's a reason it gained traction.

Samaritanmag spoke with Patrick, who now lives in Nashville, about what happened, how she feels about it getting so much attention, and what other men told her.

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