Photo: Kyle Fisher
Photo: Kyle Fisher

Basement Revolver: Wax and Digital

Basement Revolver: Wax and Digital (Sonic Unyon): This Hamilton quartet quickly made a splash with 2018 debut LP, Heavy Eyes, and has now set its sights on a new EP, Wax and Digital, slated for release October 18.

This new title track single will further propel the band's momentum, as it is a beguiling shoegazin' treat. In a label press release, singer Chrisy Hurn says of the song: “Wax and Digital is about me and my husband, the music that we love together, and how that music has shaped our relationship. In a broader sense, it is about how culture informs our lives - even though culture changes rapidly and is temporary, we will always have certain things to hold on to, like music, to look back on and feel sentimental about.

"I hope that people take away a sense of nostalgia in their lives, from the things that have helped them to fall in love, or what people think about the things that they have lost, but with thankfulness. Life is a crazy mess, but it’s beautiful and confusing and poetic, may we never forget the things that help us to make some sense of it.”

The release adds that "the EP looks back at Hurn's religious upbringing that she has - for the most part - since left behind, and gazes ahead at the person she hopes to become."

Heady material indeed, though it is entirely possible many listeners will be more seduced by the ringing guitars and dreamy vocals than the lyrical complexities. An apt reference point would be Alvvays.

The group plays Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Sept. 19 -20, Hafen 2 Herbstfestival in Offenbach, Germany, on Sept. 22, POP Montreal, Sept. 26, and Cicada Music & Arts Festival, Saint Catharines, Oct. 5.




Publicity: Ken Beattie, Killbeat

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