Austin skyline. Pic - YouTube
Austin skyline. Pic - YouTube

New Alliance Funds Toronto Songwriters At Austin Music Camp

The Canadian Music Publishers Association (CMPA) reports that the first Create Austin/Toronto is underway in Texas. Six Toronto songwriters are in Austin to participate in Create Austin/Toronto that runs October 8-10. The creative mission is sponsored by the City of Toronto and the City of Austin as part of the Austin-Toronto Music City Alliance partnership.

“As shown in our Export Ready, Export Critical study, export is driving growth for Canadian music publishers and is increasingly necessary to remain competitive in the international industry and to make sure Canadian songs are heard around the world,” CMPA ED Margaret McGuffin stated in a release.

During Create Austin/Toronto, the six Toronto and Hamilton songwriters are writing together in a three-day songwriting camp, as well as building creative partnerships with the seven participating Austin-based songwriters selected by BMI Austin.

Participating Toronto songwriters include Jessica Mitchell (Slaight Music Publishing), Terra Lightfoot (CCS Rights Management), Luke Doucet, (peermusic), Kiki Rowe (Sony ATV), Nathan Ferraro (Hyvetown Music), and Thomas D’Arcy (Arts & Crafts).

“Building creative and business relationships is an important part of what makes Canadian music publishing a global success story,'' McGuffin added.



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