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Paul Manchin: Turn It Up

Paul Manchin - Turn It Up (Independent): This Toronto pop singer/songwriter is a prolific recording artist, with at least 15 albums to his credit over the past two decades. A new album, 20/20, is expected early next year, and was produced at Peter Gabriel's famed Real World Studios in England.

Manchin has a warmly melodic voice, and this new track has a subtly ingratiating feel. The sound is strongly evocative of '80s electro-pop, complete with synths and drum machines.

It is no surprise to learn that his airplay-ready material has gained exposure on MTV, Bravo!, Sirius/XM and Galaxie. Collaborators on recent songs have included Moe Berg (The Pursuit of Happiness), Fergus Hambleton (The Sattalites), Black Jack, and Chin Injeti. Music supervisors would be smart to check out his catalogue.






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