Book collaborators Terry Stuart and Robert Carli. Photo provided
Book collaborators Terry Stuart and Robert Carli. Photo provided

111 Canadians Contribute to Awesome Music Project

A new project is using the joy people feel experiencing their most favourite and moving songs and weaponizing those feelings to fund science that will fight anxiety and depression.

The Awesome Music Project Canada: Songs Of Hope And Happiness is a book featuring the feel-good stories of 111 Canadians from all walks of life explaining how music affects them. Featuring submissions from the likes of musician Sarah McLachlan, astronaut Chris Hadfield and athlete Theo Fleury, proceeds from sales of the book will go towards funding groundbreaking research by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) on the impact of music on those with depression and anxiety.

The book was shepherded by Terry Stuart, Deloitte Canada's chief innovation officer; Robert Carli, a film and television composer; along with editing and design assistance from Scott Steedman and Peter Cocking, respectively.

The Awesome Music Project, however, is fast becoming more than just a book-based fundraiser. The project is developing a live event arm under the banner Stories, Songs And Science and podcasts, playlists, international expansion and further books are all in the works.

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