Pic: Gary Slaight, Tech Innovation Summit
Pic: Gary Slaight, Tech Innovation Summit

Slaight Music Tops Up NAC Program by $100K

In support of the Facebook-National Arts Centre's Fund for Performing Artists, Slaight Music is adding $100K to the relief fund.

The program, #CanadaPerforms, was initially introduced when the Canadian self-isolation began, and features Canadian recording artists and musicians performing Facebook concerts with a fee covered by Facebook and the NAC with an initial $100K in funding.

The Slaight Music donation brings the total up to $200K.

“The Slaight Family have been supporting Canadian artists for over 50 years starting with Allan Slaight and continues today with Gary Slaight. Slaight Music’s mandate has always been to help emerging artists bring their music to music lovers. We are proud to be partnering with Facebook and the NAC on this creative relief initiative to help musicians share their talents during these challenging times," said Derrick Ross, President, Slaight Music, in a statement.

Adds Christopher Deacon, president and CEO of the National Arts Centre (NAC): 

"This is surely an unprecedented time for our artists, our country and the world. Music and all the performing arts have the power to comfort, uplift and inspire audiences, something never more needed than during these troubled times. The NAC is profoundly grateful to Slaight Music for the $100,000 donation towards the Facebook-National Arts Centre Fund for Performing Artists initiative. We’re heartened to see the support we’re getting from Canadians, artists in all disciplines, and now from donors."

As a result of the Slaight Music Donation, the NAC and Facebook Canada expect the program to exist beyond its original March 31 deadline.

Kevin Chan, Facebook Canada's Head of Public Policy, also expressed his organization's appreciation.

“We’re blown away by the response from the Canadian arts community, and it’s moving to see how meaningful #CanadaPerforms is for Canadians seeking arts and culture online, especially during these challenging times. Together with the National Arts Centre, we’re proud to have started a movement that we hope will make a real difference in people’s lives and welcome Slaight Music to this effort in support of Canadian performers,” he said.

Blue Rodeo's Jim Cuddy kicked off the series last Thursday afternoon and additional participants have included musicians Terra Lightfoot,  Erin Costelo, William Prince - and in other disciplines -  Christina Lee (dance), Megan McDowell (comedy) and Vinny Francois (improv.)  Additional performers and scheduled times can be found here.

According to Heather Gibson, the NAC’s Executive Producer of Variety and Popular Music, and lead programmer for #CanadaPerforms, the program has received more than 1400 applications for the program within a 24-hour period.

"The response to #CanadaPerforms has been overwhelming," she said in a statement. "There is clearly an incredible need, and performing artists are really hurting. I am so happy that we could bring this initiative together with Facebook so quickly. It’s going to make a difference at a time where we’re all collectively facing troubling times. We hope the performances we’re putting online will help Canadians stay entertained and discover the breadth of talent we have in this country."

Those performing artists or ensembles (less than 10 people) wishing to apply should  write to the NAC at CanadaPerforms@nac-cna.ca , provide their name and a description of their 45-60 minutes performance, when they wish to perform and the name of the  digital platform on which they wish to  livestream. The NAC will select fund recipients in consultation with industry leaders.

The NAC will announce online performances, as they apply, are selected and confirmed, via its Facebook page.

Click here for further details:.

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